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Stork Films was born when two filmmaking parents had their first baby. Like any new parents we were in awe of our baby’s every sneeze, yawn and gurgle. Unlike most new parents we had professional equipment and editing software at our disposal to turn these special moments into cohesive montages. As we shared our videos with family and friends, there was one unanimous reaction: you should make a business out of this!


Since then, Stork Films has grown into a company that has produced dozens of family video portraits and promotional videos for children’s related businesses—from big brands to educational institutions to children’s charities.


Our crews are at the top of their field and have experience working with children. In addition, when working with youngsters, we involve (early) childhood specialists to ensure a safe, nurturing and above all a fun-filled filming environment.

Julie Meerschwam — Founder / Producer

Julie Baby Crib (Round)             Julie Grown Up 2 (Round)         


 I am the founder of Stork Films and oversee all of the Stork Films projects. In conjunction with the director and your family or business, I will help develop a vision for your piece, and coordinate all the logistics from start to finish.


Some of my credentials include an MFA in Film from Columbia University, having written and directed two Student Academy-nominated short films, and 10 years of producing experience of online video content.


Some fun-facts about me include that I’m a 5 foot 1 Dutch native (a foot shorter than the Dutch national average), have a 12 year old Boston Terrier named “Movie” (she’s black & white and independent), and like to fly trapeze.


My favorite thing about children is that they live in the moment. They remind me to stop chasing after a “better” future, and instead take in the moment.

Joe Turner Lin — Creative Director

Joe Baby Chair (Round)              JT directors chair forest (Round 2)


As Creative Director, I lead the overall creative direction of the company. I work primarily with brand and corporate clients. My team and I begin by suggesting a vision for your projects in collaboration with you, then work to execute that vision and deliver on schedule and at the highest possible quality.


I have nearly two decades of experience in the film & media industry, producing and directing hundreds of short films, commercial and music video productions ranging from Neiman Marcus to Universal Motown Records to PricewaterhouseCoopers. Since becoming a father to a spectacular son, I am particularly excited about bringing my experience to shaping brands that are kid-friendly and family-oriented.


Some trivia about me: I’ve seen Casablanca over 60 times—the first 40 while I was in high school. My first computer was an IBM XT with a 10MB hard drive; I remember thinking, “I will never fill up all this space!” I spend a truly excessive amount of time every day reading websites about Apple-related products. My son’s current apathy towards the Beatles frustrates me to no end. I know Pi to 68 digits, but have recently realized that Tau is a far more useful and intuitive notation.


My favorite thing about kids is that they haven’t heard all the stories yet. Cliches to them are still surprising and emotional and new. What could be better?

Caryn Waechter — Cinematographer / Editor

Caryn Baby (Fixed—Round)             Caryn Grown Up (Round—Flipped)


As a cinematographer and editor for Stork Films, I ensure that the visuals look beautiful and come together in a way that captures the essence of the piece. I love working with children. Essentially, I am a kid at heart.


I have an MFA in Film Direction from Columbia University and have worked for over 10 years filming and editing for high-end corporate clients to creating artistic portraits of New York night life. In addition, I directed my first feature film, The Sisterhood of Night, starring Georgie Henley, Kara Hayward, Kal Penn and Laura Fraser to be released this year.


Some fun-facts about me include that I’m a minimalist at home yet a hoarder with photographs and memories (why I’m a photographer/filmmaker), an avid roller skater (sorry, roller blades aren’t cool), and a fan of riding the subway (and watching people).


My favorite thing about children is their endless curiosity. I feel that adults think they have to grow up so quickly and know everything. As a filmmaker, it is essential that I’m driven by curiosity and a constant desire to play. (Plus it keeps me feeling young.)

Justin Marshall — Operations Manager

Justin Baby 1 (Round 1)             Justin Grown Up 1 (Round 2)


In my role as Operation Manager at Stork Films, I work to ensure that our production process and business operations work smoothly, efficiently, and effectively.  To use a parenting metaphor, one could say I’m the nanny of the Stork household.  But I don’t rule with an iron fist.  I’m more of a magical nanny, like Mary Poppins.  Without the umbrella.


My nannying skills come from years of work as a teacher, camp counselor, and—yes—even a nanny.  But I’m also an award-winning screenwriter, WGA member, a cinematographer, and a published author of educational books.  I have too many degrees, including an MFA in Film from Columbia University.


Some fun-facts about me: I can juggle. I play drums and guitar. I have a certification in mixology.  I am incredibly good at Boggle and Bananagrams.  I am incredibly bad at basketball.


My favorite thing about children is that they bring out the kid in me.  As a busy professional, I can take life too seriously.  But put me in a room with a playful kid, and I forget all about the adult “rules” of the world.  Especially if Legos are involved.

Melyssa Vazquez — Editor

Melyssa Baby 1 (Round)             Melyssa_still_CAM1122 (Round)


I am an editor at Stork Films.  I collaborate with the producer and director to unify the video into a story that represents the concept in a creative way.


As an editor with over six years of experience in my field I have worked with many distinguished clients and brands, such as Neiman Marcus, Baby Bjorn, PBS, Carnegie Hall, and Sephora. I enjoy bringing another creative perspective to the table, and I try my best to enhance every project using the newest post-production technology.


Some fun-facts about me include that I grew up in Puerto Rico, I play a mean game of table tennis, and I have a slight obsession with penguins ever since watching March of the Penguins.


My favorite thing about children is their constant state of wonder and awe. It’s fun to see through their eyes and bring that perspective into a video.


Stork Films is a production company that produces video content with children, for children, or in service of children.

We have over a decade of experience in corporate video production through our sister company Outside the Frame, with clients such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Neiman Marcus, Jetblue Airways Corporation, Ubisoft Entertainment, Universal Motown Records, Watters Fashion, Columbia University, PBS, National Geographic Channel, History Channel, Food Network, and more.

We are based in New York City, but work worldwide.

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We would love to hear from you! For inquiries, please use the contact form to the left, or send us an email at the address below.

  • Email: julie@storkfilms.com